Bike tours

Cycling around Seville is a different and ecological way to visit our city. Enjoy the 77 kilometres of bike lane around Seville. The duration of the visit is from 2 to 3 hours and you can start or finish in anywhere. A bike per person and a proper assistance are included in all routes. Besides, the group will go with an official guide explaining in the corresponding language (Spanish, German, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Japanese). There is a maximum of 15 people per group.

Monumental Seville Tour

We will cycle to the centre, contemplating monuments and relevant places as: Murillo’s gardens, Old Tobacco factory, Golden Tower, Expo 1929 pavilions, American Square and Plaza de España where a stop of about 20 minutes is obliged. From that point, we will go to the Murillo’s garden, Santa Cruz Quarter or old Jewish quarter of the city, stopping in charming corners of the area: Doña Elvira Square, Santa Cruz Square, the street f the kiss or Venerables Square who is related to the figure of Juan Tenorio, well known by the opera “Don Giovanni”.

After a short stop in Banderas patio, we will contemplate the Cathedral, the third biggest cathedral in the world. We will know the history of the most famous towel of Seville, the Giralda, with 98 metres high, is the symbol and image of the city. And finally, we will discover the mystery that surrounds the body of Christopher Columbus, buried inside.

Another World Heritage monument is the Royal Palace or Royal Palace of Seville. It is considered one of the oldest Palace of the whole Europe in use, still being the Royal residence of the king and queen of Spain. We will tell many stories that are hidden in the interior walls of the palace, such as the one of Pedro I “Cruel” or the one of the Gothic Palace of Alfonso X “Wiseman”.


We will cross the bridge to Torneo Avenue and then to Paseo Colón. Near to the river, we will arrive to the Plaza de España, old pavilion of Spain to the Iberoamerican exhibition of 1929. We will dedicate the last part of the visit to the different pavilions situated around Maria Luisa Park.

Seville, City of Legends

Nights of murders, betrayals, romances and even ghosts have been collected by the tradition and history of Seville. We offer the opportunity to follow the trace of legendary figures who sauntered around those nights of the city long time ago. Under the moon light, you will visit the Santa Cruz Quarter, the squares and corners where the romances of Don Juan Tenorio were inspired.

You will closely get to know the history of one of the most controversial kings of Seville, Don Pedro I, well known as “The Cruel”. We will go in the monumental area of the city to know closely from the Alcazar walls, the history of the poet king Almotamid and his obsession by Isbilia, the Sevillian Moslem.

Taking a Picture of Sevilla

We propose to go with us in this tour guided by one of our good guides who will lead you to those places where you will take the most beautiful pictures of the city. Discover the unforgettable visits of Seville, from Triana or the frame of the Giralda through the bust of the famous bullfighter Belmonte. Enjoy the view from two sides of Cachorro bridge, one side the old town overlooking Triana and on the other side, the other part of the town who overlooks the future, to Isla de la Cartuja. Discover the romantic sculptures to Bécquer in Maria Luisa Park, or enjoy the image captured on the water of the Moorish pavilion, placed in the America Square.

Running Tour

Enjoy the experience of running through the monumental Seville, Maria Luisa Park and the banks of the River Guadalquivir.

runningSeville is a privileged city by its climate and physiognomy. It is a virtually flat city, making the walk and the run in an unforgettable experience.

Every year, great running sports events are organises in Seville with the participation of citizens and international runners. And examples of this is the International Marathon of Seville, The Night Race, The International Race of Italica, the women race, and throughout the year various popular racing in all Seville districts.

Our guide will accompany you in a race, making brief technical stops in places of monumental interest.

At the end of our route we will take an energy drink to regain strength, facing the magical setting of the Alcazar, Cathedral and Archivo de Indias, monuments included in the World Heritage Site.