My idea to create “Paseando por Sevilla” in 1999 was to offer the visitors the other side of town. Places that the usual tourists would never find by themselves. I love to get lost with the clients in the old and real jewish quarter, or try to find a cozy bar serving tapas located in a charming “plaza”. Keep strolling through the traditional shops where pottery is still manufactured as in the sixteenth century, or those workshops where flamenco costumes are still made by hand, where shawls are very well embroidered. An special stop in “abacerías” smelling of XIX century, where to buy good wines or to taste cheeses soaked in oil. What better way to spend the afternoon with a stop at one of the cloistered convents and taste some madehome sweets, still warm, freshly baked by the nuns, who continue living as more than 500 years ago.

As historian and official guide of Sevilla, I like to draw different routes and itineraries that offer visitors the opportunity to feel and understand not only the history of the city but also the local culture; we will have to talk about art, processions, tapas, flamenco, and of course, football.