Seville is a topical city full of contrasts, with such an artistic historic patrimony as rich and extensive as unknown, which we can hardly get to understand.

The traditional tours throughout the city are usually planned as closed circuits, brilliant but lifeless. They are tours, which deny the visitor the possibility of appreciating the link between the past and the vivid present.

We offer the possibility of walking through corners and moments of the history of Seville during two hours and a half, by visiting monuments, squares and a whole series of places that you can only discover with our guides. In the same way you will get delighted in many stories, anecdotes and legends of the historical town of Seville.

At the end of the walks, we will take a moment to rest, to discuss and to give opinions about the visit. At that moment, we will taste the best gastronomy of the city. “Paseando por Sevilla” has the pleasure to invite a “tapa” in a traditional bar of the visited area.

All those who visit Seville can not loose the opportunity to know monuments as important as the Giralda, Alcázar o Cathedral. In this monumental walking tour we will be able to go up one of the most famous towers in the world: “La Giralda”, minaret of the old major mosque of Seville during the Moslem domination, today it is transformed in the tower of the cathedral.

We will know one of the major temples of the Christianity: “The Cathedral of Seville”. Building which started to be constructed at the beginning of the XV century and whose works lasted longer than one hundred years. The outside of the building constitutes a very beautiful model of the Ogival Gothic style. The inside keeps impressive artistic treasure

We will get surprised because of the wonderful decoration of the lounges of the Real Alcázar, group of court constructions in which the intervention of master builder of Granada is appreciated, the same as local artists and Toledans. This monumental walk will end with a walking along the known Santa Cruz quarter, the old Jewish quarter, with its mazy narrow streets and charming “plazas”.

Nights of murder, betrayals, love stories and ever phantasmagonic apparitions have been collected bythe tradition and the history of Seville. We offer the opportunity to trail legendary figures who lived in this city many years ago. Under the bright moon light, you will walk throught Santa Cruz area and visit squares and corners which were inspirations for Don Juan Tenorio´s romances.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou will closely get to know the history of one of the most controversial kings that lived in Seville, Don Pedro I, well Known as “The Cruel”. We will deeply enter in the monumental city to see closely the walls of the Alcazar, the history of the poetic king, Almotamid, and his obssesion about Isbilia, the moslen Seville.

Paseando por Sevilla will offer you the unique opportunity in Seville to discover the enclosure convents and monasteries of the town. In this conventual walk of two hours, you will besides be able to taste the sweets which nuns privately make in the convents. The town of Seville possesses an important patrimonial wealth. In this recognized historical legacy, the cloisters of Seville occupy a distinguished place.

clausuraFrom the seventeen enclosure convents that are nowadays in Seville, Paseando por Sevilla offers the unique possibility to visit eight of these convents; the Madre de Dios convent, Santa Maria de Jesùs, San Leandro, Santa Inés, Santa María del Socorro, El Espiritu Santo, San José de las Teresas and Santa Paula.

How better way of finishing our walks along the convents of Seville that tasting the delicious sweets that nuns make so wonderfully; Sweet made of sugar and egg yolk of San Leandro, rolls of Santa Ines, small sponge cake of the Socorro convent…

ocultaWe will get to know the stories and legends never told about Fernando III, Alfonso X “The Wise”, and Pedro I “The Cruel” , the monarchs who made Seville the most interesting city in late medieval Spain. Walking through the many streets and squares that still keep the medieval layout and we will try to go back in time to the XIII, XIV and XV century. Time of jewish legends, moorish love stories and christian duels that took place in the heart of the old city. Finally, let´s enjoy some tapas in a bar located at the foot of an splendid tower.

Great opportunity to know deeply the universally famous distric of Triana. You will discover its atmosphere and everyday life, the character and the idiosyncrasy of its people; you will go through its streets, neighbour yards, dance, academies, pottery workshops; we will lead you to the most emblematic building (Saint Ann parish and The Sailors chapel). The myth of Triana is highlighted by the romantic travellers, because they find Triana full of “payo” and gipsy neighbour patios; pottery’s workshops, parties, legends and customs, the heat and welcome of its people.